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Warung was founded in January 2018 by Tânia. Warung is a brand for all self-confident  fashion accessory lovers with a strong personality,  who wish to leave a mark on all occasions through the use of charming, casual, and effortlessly elegant pieces.

Tânia started her career in Portugal working in Marketing and Communications. Her strong will to embrace new challenges on multicultural environments took her to London. Here she worked in marketing and management positions across several industry sectors. After living in London for 6 years, Tânia returned to her hometown – Lisbon.  A solo passionate traveller, Tânia travelled as much as possible to sunny and tropical places, staying in and living amongst the locals. The adoption of their habits and traditions allowed her to appreciate the unique skills of local handicraftsmen and to observe their methods and craft – often developed over many generations.

The symbiosis of being a simple human being and a classic style fashion-lover, led Tânia to create her own brand – Warung, to recreate the fresh handmade design crafted  in tropical and natural environment regions.

The Warung pieces are creativity, love and passion.